Medical equipment planning is the strategic placement of equipment in buildings that require equipment; from hand sanitizer dispensers, to MRI machines. Planning and coordination of medical equipment can be one of the biggest challenges of healthcare design. It requires detailed and accurate coordination of information between equipment vendors, hospital staff, architects, engineers and contractors.

Including the equipment planning team early in the design and planning process improves project success with accurate equipment specifications, project coordination, budget and plans, resulting in reduced change orders and project delays. The streamlined process of the medical equipment team creates a rhythm to the overall project flow.

Pulse Design Group provides equipment planning services throughout the duration of the project. Our services include budgeting, specifications, purchasing, delivering and set up for all equipment being utilized. We are full-service, cost effective and client-focused.

Meticulous review by our team makes certain that each space is carefully designed and constructed to facilitate the spatial, structural, medical gas and electrical needs of each piece of equipment.

Although we can join the team at any time on a project and still add value, we strongly recommend involvement in the early design stages to avoid costly construction delays and changes. Our team will assist the owner in determining what is needed for the project. We ensure everything is included in the design and budget and build a schedule for procurement and delivery.

Equipment is typically the largest investment an owner will make in a project other than the construction cost. Our equipment planning team help save money by determining what equipment can be re-purposed and what items need to be purchased.

When reusing existing items or phasing construction over a period of time, our equipment planners coordinate, on-site or off-site, storage needs, staggered purchasing and delivery schedules.

Just like all of the services we offer, our goal is to ensure that client’s needs are met on-time and on-budget.  

Join us on February 14th at the Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers monthly meeting to hear from our medical equipment team.

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Please direct questions to Christy Smith, Pulse Design Group’s Director of Medical Equipment Planning.