We launched our new website! We've carefully crafted every page and paragraph of content to fit Pulse Design Group’s branding and to maximize the impact that our site will have with SEO and marketing initiatives.

www.pulsedesigngroup.com circa 2015.

www.pulsedesigngroup.com circa 2015.

If you’re in a hurry and you need a website for your company immediately, you should certainly hire a designer to create the layout and to manage the back-end work. Since we already had a website and the need for an update was not immediately urgent, we decided to create the website in-house using a basic foolproof method.

Websites such as Wix.com and Squarespace.com specialize in creating user-friendly website templates and website creation tools. Making a website on Squarespace is so easy, even a virtual reality developer can do it!


With web templates, a user can create a fully-functioning website in minutes. The designs are very basic and simple, but it is very appealing. You don’t have to have coding experience to use Squarespace.

So what are the drawbacks to making a quick and easy website on Squarespace? For an established company, you can expect several rounds of revisions to satisfy the requirements that you have for the website. Adding more and more content to your site can force you to choose what parts you want to keep and which parts you want to scrap.

Perhaps on your competitor’s site, you noted an interesting animation that occurs when you click on an image. In order to add custom animations or any sort of customization beyond the basic presets in Squarespace, you will have to learn how to code.

Or in my case - learn what snippets of code to find on Google.

Or in my case - learn what snippets of code to find on Google.

You’re now to the point where you have spent very little money to create a functioning website, but it is bloated, code doesn’t work, and you really wish you could tweak specific parts of each page. You realize that maybe you should have hired a web designer who does this for a living.

John Storey, a local designer and developer, helped us to fine-tune and carefully piece together our new website. You have probably seen his work before without realizing it. He has worked for brands like Bank Midwest, JE Dunn, and MIQ Logistics. You can find out more about John and his work at Bottlegreendesign.com .

Let’s not forget the best part about launching a website: launch videos! We reached out to our good friend Nicholaus James from Yellobrick Studios to help us come up with ideas and to execute a short series of funny, high-quality videos for a brief launch campaign. Nick has also worked with some incredible brands including Lockton, Jack Stack BBQ, and Cogent. We always have a great time working with Nick, and we were confident that the end product would be hilarious and the highest quality. We weren’t disappointed!

Squarespace is a great tool for making websites. We can add content and make changes to any page whenever we need to. We even have a news blog on our site where Steve can rant about virtual reality we can post topical and relevant news and information about Pulse Design Group. Additionally, we had the opportunity to work with John Storey and Nicholaus James to have a successful website launch. We hope you enjoy our site!