Table of Experts: Health Care

Richard Embers, Pulse Design Group Principal, weighs in on the Kansas City Business Journal's Healthcare Table of Experts. 

Embers explains how the expanding role of technology is changing what health care facilities look like. Click here to hear his answer. 


New Pain and Sleep Clinic

Project photography of a new pain and sleep clinic that Pulse Design Group recently renovated and relocated. The Pain clinic is an outpatient facility that includes four exam rooms, one ultrasound room, two procedure rooms, four prep/recovery bays, administrative spaces and support areas.  The Sleep Lab is also an outpatient clinic and consists of two sleep rooms, each with a private bathroom. To minimize the total square footage, many support spaces are shared by the two clinics.  The adjacent public circulation area was also given a finish upgrade with additional amenities.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

It's difficult to really understand what virtual reality is like without putting a headset on your face. Mixed reality video, a combination of physical and virtual image capture, is probably the best means to explain what a VR experience is like without the use of a headset.

Let's talk about what that means and how we're utilizing exciting new technology like the Vive Tracker to improve communication with our audience.

Welcome Catie!

Pulse Design Group is excited to welcome Catie Smith the team! Catie is an Interior Designer and brings over five years of industry experience to the department. 

Westwood Campus PET CT Project

A new state-of-the-art PET CT Scanner was recently installed at the Westwood Campus for The University of Kansas Health System. 

The new Discovery MI DR scanner provides a more accurate diagnosis earlier with a more precise treatment process. This particular model is the second in the nation to be installed, and the first in the region.

Inside the scan room is a unique Armstrong ceiling system comprised of wood slats in a prism shape, mimicking the shape and direction of the scanner. The warm wood tones and interesting shape provide visual interest to patients during the scan process. A similar pattern is displayed in the flooring below, tying the room together with a cohesive, earthy atmosphere.

Medical Equipment Planning

Medical equipment planning is the strategic placement of equipment in buildings that require equipment; from hand sanitizer dispensers, to MRI machines. Planning and coordination of medical equipment can be one of the biggest challenges of healthcare design.

In this post, we discuss some of the ways that we utilize medical equipment planning to benefit our clients and to coordinate with teams to properly equip medical facilities.

Pulse Design Group Support Brands

Pulse Design Group has been serving the Kansas City and surrounding regions for over 35 years. Starting purely as an architectural design firm, today we offer much more than our design expertise. Our services have expanded and now include architectural design, interior design, medical equipment planning and virtual reality. We truly understand the universal needs of healthcare facilities and pride ourselves on providing expert guidance every step of the way for our clients.

Our services can be combined or performed independently based on the scope of the project. In order to define our services, we have created new support brands to articulate each service and how they operate. Each service corresponds to a unique name and support brand identifier that complements the Pulse brand but remains strong enough to stand.

Our support brands are as follows: pulse, tone, rhythm and vibe. Each corresponds to one of our services: architecture, interiors, equipment planning and virtual reality.

Pulse = Healthcare Design

Healthcare design is our core service and foundation, it is our pulse. Designing cutting-edge environments that maximize efficiency and create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces is our passion. Pulse is not only a medical term, but also elicits a sound - the musical beat of our business. Pulse fits well with our architectural design services because it is what started Pulse Design Group and really the base of what our firm creates.

 Tone = Interior Design

Interior design is an important aspect of design. Interiors convey the tone and feeling of a space. Tone represents our interior design service. The finishes selected in a given environment convey the look and feel of a space. Combined with furniture, artwork and everything in between, our interior design elements bring your vision to life and sets the tone of the space. The tone of a well-designed space can lend to an inviting and warm atmosphere. We strive to make every space comforting and functional, an important aspect in healthcare.

Rhythm = Equipment Planning

Rhythm represents our equipment service. Including the equipment planning team early in the design and planning process improves project success with accurate equipment specifications, project coordination, budget and plans resulting in reduced change orders and project delays. The streamlined process of the medical equipment team creates a rhythm to the overall project flow. Each project is on a deadline and follows a tempo. Medical equipment planning keeps the rhythm of each project and is a unique service offered by Pulse Design Group.

Vibe = Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality capabilities are cutting edge. In order to avoid surprises or discrepancies in our projects, we provide a way for our clients to experience and react to the space prior to construction. Vibe represents our virtual reality services that immerses the user into a virtual environment, allowing them to experience and interact with the space. Vibe portrays the energy and feeling that you get upon virtually inhabiting a space. When clients are allowed to experience and feel the vibe of their space before construction, they feel more comfortable with continuing on to the construction phase. 

As our firm grows and we add services to our resume, we believe that it is important to help our clients understand our firm and what we can offer them. Through the creation of our support brands, we can convey how Pulse Design Group has grown since our original presence as purely an architecture firm. Although each separate service can operate independently, they can be combined to offer clients a “one stop shop.”

These support brands were created to communicate our growth and our potential and we are excited to share them! 

"Architects use VR to let providers troubleshoot hospital design," Kansas City Business Journal

Virtual reality allows clients and user groups to become totally immersed into highly realistic, interactive 3D visualizations of proposed designs. It allows users to experience architecture and make real-time decisions that impact the final project. Check out this article from the Kansas City Business Journal on how we are utilizing this incredible technology.

2017 AIA Convention Presentation

We are excited to announce that we have been selected to present at the AIA Convention for the second year in a row! Be on the look out for more details on our virtual reality presentation as the event gets closer.