Designing a building involves more foresight and ingenuity than merely coming to the table with the latest trends. We understand that it requires a thorough and thoughtful understanding of the needs of each individual client and effectively responding to those needs. A building is simply a structure. However, we, at Pulse Design Group, strive to consider it as more of an environment – a nurturing place where the lives of many will be touched well into the future. We give great consideration to not only the human environment of the facility, but also to the physical site of the project, as well as giving forethought to potential constraints and opportunities of the overall vision.

Pulse’s architectural design approach grows out of our understanding of each client’s unique project and needs. We know that an effective design process starts with interacting with, listening to and understanding those who will work in and use the facility. Additionally it is necessary to fully understand the community, history and patients that each facility serves. With the end result being the creation of an environment that will not only exceed our clients’ expectations, but one that will stand the test of time and change.

The photos below show the initial floor plans, renderings and final photos for The University of Kansas Hospital NICU, opened in 2013.


10007 Unit 55 Colorized Plan

NICU - Birds Eye - Blue

NICU - Casework

NICU - Headwall